School and Municipal Officials

Christine is a highly motivated and extremely organized person. She has an amazing rapport with both her students and their parents. Christine doesn’t just do the drama program with them, she gets to know each student and often notices when they have a problem outside of the drama program and then she offers any assistance she can give.
— Peggy Weir, S.O.A.A Nobleton Public School
The students perform the plays she has directed to the rest of the student body and parents. The ones I have seen have been absolutely amazing. The students look up to Christine and they all talk of the fun they have had working with her. I would definitely recommend her and her drama program to any school wanting to introduce an extra drama program.
— Fern Fraser, S.O.A.A Schomberg Public School
Christine has consistently demonstrated leadership, enthusiasm and compassion. The students respond positively to her direction.
— Mrs Heather Hawke and Mrs Nicolette Hollander, Teachers, Schomberg Public School
Christine met my expectations and well beyond. Our students and parents immediately took to Christine and the program grew from reputation. Our teachers were also impressed with Christine’s program and her professionalism.
— Robert Reid, Principal
Christine has provided the students with the oppourtunity to build confidence and courage through dramatic arts. In the time I have known her I have been amazed with her ability to command large groups of children and have them perform outstanding dramatic pieces. She clearly demonstrates an open line of communication and she creates a safe and secure environment for the children to learn. Christine addresses all of their needs individually and handles conflicts in an incredibly calm and rational manner.
— Kathleen Craig, Lead Teacher, Nobleton Sr Public School
Christine is a very talented, creative and well-liked individual. Students in her care are learning in a positive and effective environment. Her program is strongly supported by the school community.
— J Smye, Principal
She encourages students to think and act creatively, and the quality of the finished productions has been excellent. The fact that students and parents sign up for this program year after year is a testament to Christine’s expertise as a drama teacher.
— Janet Lewis, Principal
Christine has worked closely with the Township of King Parks and Recreation & Culture department on a number of occasions throughout the past nine years. She has shown great innovation and creativity in her programming abilities and has developed strong ties to the community. She is enthusiastic and creative and works successfully with children, youth and adults.
— Catherine Purcell, Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture
Christine has been involved in the community of King Township for more than 8 years working with Parks, Recreation and Culture Department. She demonstrated considerable leadership both during program instruction and the planning process.
— Mayor Margaret Black, King Township
As a Councillor in King from 2000 – 2003, it was a pleasure to recommend Christine for a volunteer award as a token of our appreciation for her dedication. She empowers the children, by building self esteem and independence. Her students are encouraged to be creative, yet not go beyond the limits of the discipline she sets.
— Susan Swail, Councillor, King Township, Parent


I have also been impressed on several occasions with Christine’s commitment to education and development of children when she is planning her classes. As an administrator in a Long Term Care home, I have marveled at how Christine so naturally incorporates safety principles into all the planning she does.
— Kelly Graham
Our eight year old son was teased often. He had no friends and no one to confide in. Christine took him into her theatre group and introduced him to a world where it was acceptable for a male to enthusiastically enjoy dancing, singing and performing. The program provided a safe place to express himself and helped him through a difficult time in his early school years. Our son is now attending an Arts highschool and continues to participate in local theatre productions as a result of Christine’s positive influence. Our son is just one of Christine’s many success stories.
— Donna De Filipps
Christine has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. She is also a most dependable team player. Her good judgement and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavours.
— Loreen Teoli
What impresses me the most about Christine is her ability to read people, connect with them, and challenge them to grow personally. She reminds me of the “unsung hero” type, getting her own personal satisfaction out of what she does without necessarily being noticed.
— Gisele Bedard
Each of my children, including my special needs son, has been actively engaged in Sunbit over the years. Christine has provided a positive, inspirational and rewarding atmosphere for all the children in her programs and activities. Christine is smart, creative, sincere, responsible, trustworthy, caring, warm, fun and upbeat.
— Nancy Bodi
I was very impressed with the fun atmosphere of the camp and the positive and supportive relationship Christine developed with all the campers. In one week the group managed to write, produce and perform a charming half hour play complete with songs and dances. Since then my daughter has been involved in her afterschool program. Christine has mentored her and helped her to develop confidence both on and off the stage. She has taught her about team work and how to be a supportive and nurturing friend. I was happy to have this support.
— Mary Asselstine
Last year my daughter suffered a lengthy illness and missed a lot of school. She was finding it difficult to return. Christine picked her up at home and took her to school and helped her to settle in again. Christine is an excellent role model for youth. She is extremely professional and caring. She has a way of building their self esteem and confidence. This can keep them out of trouble. It also teaches them discipline.
— Dianne Saint
My son has been involved with Sunbit for the last five years. He is on aan IEP with a Learning Disorder and has been diagnosed with ADD. Christine has been a miracle worker and I cannot recommend her program enough to really reflect on the results she achieved. I think she single-handedly made his life better. He is now very well spoken, much more confident and his memory capability has been greatly enhanced.
— Melanie Collins
She provided a supportive, nuturing and empowering environment where children felt safe to take risks. As an elementary teacher, I was impressed with Christine. Often she would stimulate and motivate them and then trust them to create their own artistic pieces. She has a good understanding of the developmental stages of children – always matching expectations and activities with their ages. My son is now a confident young man in the drama program at University of Toronto.
— J Hofstetter
She demanded that the children respect one another and, although the mood was always fun and cheery, she was always fair in her strictness to keep things running smoothly. All the children willingly worked hard for her, learning their scripts, helping with the scenery, and doing other jobs involved with the production of plays. Now at university, my daughter writes for the Arts and Culture section of the University of Guelph newspaper. While attending a University of Edinburg on a creative writing scholarship, she began writing a play which I feel sure was influenced by her experiences with Christine at Sunbit.
— Mary Bromley
My daughter has built confidence, self-esteem and creativity by taking part in the drama program. Christine always takes her time to work with the children on an individual and group basis to better help everyone who is involved in her program.
— Gail Zuzek
She worked tirelessly to ensure each child felt recognized and valued and followed through consistently with parents and teachers at the schools to ensure success. Behavioural issues were dealth with in a manner that was respectful and instructive to each child regarding their responsibility to other members of the performance group. Initiative, independent problem solving, sensitivity, inclusiveness and a commitment to excellence characterize the work I have seen Christine involved in with the children in this community.
— Barb Martino
Christine has always been supportive and encouraging. When Holly expressed an interest in auditioning for an Arts school, Christine gave her own time to help Holly with her lines for the audition. I know this is a common practice for Christine. The children love her very much.
— Sheila Crossley
It has helped her self esteem, her public speaking and her interest in theatre. Christine is a hard worker, a dedicated teacher and a very caring person.
— Heather Armstrong
Christine has encouraged my daughter to be more confident, creative and proud of her accomplishments. Christine has also helped my daughter with her reading skills. She has not only made the children proud of their creative abilities but has also made the parents very proud of their children.
— Margaret Curry
She has always been genuinely interested in each student getting the most out of her classes. Christine is a great motivator and teaches her students to work together and most of all have fun, which really shows. The rapport she has with both her students and parents is phenomenal. She is always willing to put in the extra hours.
— Michele Tsakiris
I did not think that young children could grasp some of the basic principles of the stage, and yet my daughter has absorbed them without “study”. Christine utilized age appropriate tools. Christine is very disciplined and conscious of parent concerns. My daughter has a severe peanut allergy, and Christine ensured that her Epipen is there and that no other child eats / brings snacks with nuts. She adheres to strict procedures and keeps emergency numbers at her side.
— Ingrid Moyer
I have been impressed with the high levels of commitment, integrity and passion that Christine has brought to every situation. The most dramatic example occurred a few years ago when my daughter has a lead role. A few hours before curtain time, I had a call from my daughter on my cell phone – she had cut her lip badly. Neither my husband nor I were in driving distance to home so I called Christine. Without a moment’s hesitation, she dropped everything, came to my home, assessed the injury, took my daughter to the doctor, had her lip stitched and got her to the theatre. The freezing in her mouth came out just before she went on stage and she gave a great performance. While I credit my daughter for pulling it off, I know it was Christine’s guidance, support and love that saved the day.
— Susan Collins
She has such a great rapport with all the children of all ages; they are drawn to her and look up to her for guidance and that special smile when they know they have performed well. She gives it her all when she is responsible for the time your child is spending with her; I have always felt very secure in knowing our son was in her capable hands.
— Jane Harvey
We admire your tireless energy, attention to detail, willingness to put in extra time and effort and your ability to pull together the people and resources to produce quality performances. You are a great coach, firm but caring, and it is easy to see that your students look up to you and see you as a role model.
— Simrah Ozel
Christine has a very open and caring way with the children. She explains everything in detail so that they are informed of all aspects of the program. If children in the program have different needs she ensures everyone is aware of what they are so that there is no misunderstanding between the kids and they are able to watch out for each other. My daughter is diabetic. Christine worked with me to meet my daughters needs as well as my own. Christine had no qualms about having my daughter in her class and worked to relieve my concerns.
— Shelia Duke
I always felt, when I dropped my kids off, they were well supervised, always a safe place and Christine made sure they were picked up by an adult afterwards.
— Carol Hall
Christine’s efforts have surpassed most teachers with her added phone calls working with parents to make sure each student is on track. With love, she looks for solutions to any areas her students may need direction in. Each year there has been something new for the children to keep them challenged.
— Stacey Hollings
I would characterize Christine as very dependable, responsible and caring for the safety of the kids. She provides them with lots of direction about how to spend their time but also gives them the latitude to find their way when working on role development.
— Andrea Loeppky
Christine has proven herself to be a hard working, enthusiastic and responsible teacher and role model throughout the many years that my daughters have been “under her wing”.
— Glenda Douglas
I started asking other parents about Sunbit Theatre. Every comment was positive and every comment revolved around how wonderful Christine was with the kids. This program helped my son to develop his self confidence. He learned how to work with groups and how to work on his own studying his lines. He made additional friends from different grades and different classrooms. He learned that being part of a theatre group was about a lot more than just acting. I was a beaming mother watching my son perform on stage.
— Reva Harknett


She never fails to make every child feel special in their own unique way. Christine is truly a great person with a huge heart and a strong determination to not only teach but inspire children, and adults alike, to realize their potiential.
— Mallory Anderson
Words cannot express the positive effect Sunbit has had on my life. I would not be the person I am today without the skills, courage, and friendships I gained through this program. I highly reccommend it to anyone who is shy and wants to get out of their shell or anyone who is already an extrovert and is looking for somewhere to express themselves. Everyone had fun and we were all challeneged to push our creativity further.
— Will Hofstetter
Sunbit was one of the best experiences of my life.
— Leni Krivey
Sunbit was a great opportunity for me to meet new friends, just have a lot of fun and goof around while getting some acting experience too!
— Phoebe Todd – Parrish
I have many happy memories from my time spent at Sunbit. I was encouraged and supported in the development of my acting abilities, while sharing many laughs with friends. Nothing was more exciting then the day of the final performance when all our friends and families would come to watch! :)
— Julia Martino