Performance Program

This years program will be a Musical Theatre Production which includes an Acting Teacher, Vocal Director and a Choreographer. However, there is a catch ... students need to write the piece themselves. Those registered will be responsible for designing everything. They will begin with choosing their character and then collaborate to create a story. Discussions will be had around what is important to them and what do they want their play to be about? They will have the opportunity to create their own song if they want to sing or create their own dance if they want to dance. The end product will be a 75 -90 minute production which is their work. Even the program design will be theirs.

Level: Grade 4 +

High school students are welcome however, our play is family rated as is our language.

When: Fridays at  7 - 8:30 
Location: Cairn Christian School, 6470 Regional Rd 14,  Smithville
Dates: Friday September 13th, 2019 - Friday Dec 20th, 2019 Friday January 10th - Friday March 27, 2020
Performances: Friday April 3rd and Saturday April 4th 2020.

Fee is $675

$75 due in September and the remaining is $100 per month payable by e-transfer.

20- 25 Students Maximum.